About Jiggle Fitness

We believe that, wherever you are on your fitness journey, every workout should leave you feeling strong, confident and unstoppable!

At Jiggle we are all about exercising to celebrate the wondrous things your body can do and have an absolute ball! Our real-life classes will be back soon, but in the mean time we have some AWESOME online workouts for you! We always have so much fun, laugh a lot, and feel fabulous!! Check out our testimonials if you need any more reassuring....

Studio Classes  (On PAUSE due to Covid!)

A word from our founder, Lydia Shaw...

A few years ago I made a big change - I stopped exercising in pursuit of that 'bikini body' and started exercising to have fun, to de-stress and to feel good!!! It was the most amazing change - exercise is now a source of joy and self care for me and I'm the fittest I've ever been.


Jiggle is my way of helping you to do the same! Our classes bring together exercise, positive psychology and body language techniques to leave you feeling strong, confident and fabulous! Every class is full of modifications so whatever your fitness level, you'll get a great workout tailored to you.


Come get moving with me or drop me a message with any questions, I'd love to hear from you!

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