Jiggle Classes


...which means you can get them from anywhere in the world at any time! Exciting right?! 



In The Jiggle Zone we have....

- Low Impact workouts - great for anyone with injuries or in upstairs flats!

- Cardio boxing & kickboxing workouts - awesome full body workouts for everyone

- HIIT and full out workouts - perfect for anyone wanting to really challenge themselves

- MOVE YOUR BODY series - great for anyone starting out on their fitness journey or getting back into exercise

- Short workouts - perfect for lunchbreaks/ while you're cooking/ mix and matching!

- The full backlog of 60 Minute Weekly Workouts - so if you missed one, you'll always be able to catch up!


Does that sound like just what you need? Yayyyy! So come join us! These are your options....

Did lockdown mess with your workout plans? Annoying, I know, but don't worry - Jiggle has you covered. With our unique blend of fun exercise and positive psychology, you'll soon be enjoying exercise so much that you can't get enough! Our focus is on feeling STRONG, FIT and FABULOUS so wherever you're at on your fitness journey, we'd love to help you smash your goals and get your fitness mojo in full stride!


We know not everyone has a full size studio at home, so all our at-home workouts are carefully created for you to do wherever you are - the garden, an upstairs flat, your living room, on stage at the Palladium - frankly you could do them at the doctor's surgery if you liked (but you might get some odd looks!). 

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One-Off Workout




(one off payment )

Access to

- 1 Workout

(7 day Access)

- FREE Mood Boost

You'll get 7-days access to one of our awesome 60 Minute weekly classes, which you can do as many times as you like, at any time during the week. You can choose between Dance Fitness, Cardio Kickboxing or one of our mixed Weekly Workouts.  Jiggle Fitness Classes are fun, full out and body positive - designed with modifications for all fitness levels, to leave you feeling strong, happy and fabulous!


You'll also get FREE access to our weekly Mood Boost article - sent straight to your inbox.

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The Jiggle Zone (incl weekly workouts)


£18.99 p/month

Access to

- The Jiggle Zone

(Unlimited On-Demand Workouts)

- All Weekly Workouts

(Unlimited Access)

- FREE Mood Boost

- FREE Private Group

You'll get unlimited access to our online workout club - The Jiggle Zone - full of exciting and varied workouts for you to choose from at any time. You'll also get access to the 60 Minute Weekly Workouts and once released, they'll be added to the club for your unlimited use.


You'll also get the FREE weekly Mood Boost email and access to a Private Facebook group for support & motivation from instructors and meeting fellow Jigglers!

Jiggle Fitness workouts are all fun, full out and body positive, designed with modifications for all fitness levels so everyone gets a fantastic workout and feels strong, confident and unstoppable!

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